A downloadable game for Windows

A fairy "festival of the gods" is interrupted by demons. Kita must save the altars and forest by killing the demons with the help of Twitch gods who can boost Kita's abilities.


FairiesNightfall.zip 686 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file, click the folder, then click the application "GameLab19" to play the game. 

Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers work with the game along with the keyboard. Xbox controls is top left button for dash, A for melee, X for ranged, and left scroll for movement. Start button for pause (right middle button) and left middle button to skip to the end. 

Keyboard controls is Q for dash, left mouse click for melee, right click for ranged, P for pause, and WASD for movement. Skipping to the end main tree scene can be done with the Backspace.